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We are human–centered designers, design strategists, facilitators and team–coaches.


Our expertise is blending methodologies to create unique processes.

1. Co – creation with stakeholders

From the very beginning, we co-create with stakeholders to sense the context, understand the people in it, and the relationship among them so that we can design experiences that fit perfectly to their reality. We define the goals, the overall scope, and success together, and structure the process accordingly.

2. Tailor–made processes,

tools and methods

Innovation has no single recipe. Every innovation process requires its own customized methods and tools. We blend a wide range of methodologies from Design Thinking to Lean Startup, from Art of Hosting to Liberating Structures to Kaospilots depending on the needs. 

3. Human–Centered Design

as our core methodology.

Human Centered Design is at the root of our practice. We believe that understanding the real needs of people and designing based and deep insight is what resonates deeply with all of us.

4. New forms of learning

Our processes are based on learning by doing where participants explore and learn through personal, team and bigger group experiences. In a participatory format, they take active roles with unique engagements. They discover new knowledge with their heart, head, and hands.

5. Leaders that can adapt to

changing contexts.

We equip people with innovative tools that they can use to solve challenges they and their communities face. Moreover, we empower them to grow leadership skills that are essential in the 21st century such as empathy, creative & visual thinking, critical thinking, prototyping, storytelling and participatory leadership.

6. Innovative teams that

work in harmony.

We believe that learning and innovation happen in a team setting. Besides the personal journey, we create safe spaces where participants work in teams and can feel comfortable to take risks in  a mood of “serious playfulness.” Teams enhance as individuals grow.

7. A ground–up change initiated

by communities.

We all are part of a community, a bigger network. We make participants aware of their community, be resourceful and learn to mobilize it. In our workshops, participants go through a collective journey where we aim to create a community with their counterparts as well as our guests.

8. Creative story–telling.

Only through stories we can spark a connection. We collaborate with talented creative professionals from our network to synthesize the learnings from every process into creative outputs. These can take the form of a video, a visualized culture deck, a poster, or a comic book.
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