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A thriving team culture is at the heart of innovation.

Unleash your team's potential through hands–on workshops tailored for you. 

We steer teams through the bumpy road of innovation from idea to growth. In our Strategy Bootcamps, we help you have a clear roadmap to implement your services. The outcomes

of the bootcamps can be defined as: 

  • Alignment on scope & objectives

  • Analysis of trends and context

  • Mapping out the actual and to-be user experience 

  • Defining the product-service system and developing business model 

  • Crafting a bigger narrative around the project/business

  • Creating a concrete action plan

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Do you need to (re)define the why, the what and the how of your business?

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In our culture bootcamps, we work with you to maximize collaboration and build effective communication in your teams to unlock your superpowers that will help you thrive. 

What makes your team unique? Let's transform your teams strengths into a group superpower. 


  • Alignment on team purpose, mission and goals

  • Developing and embracing team values, behaviors and practices 

  • Increasing team capabilities in effective collaboration and communication 

  • Learning and applying participatory meeting facilitation methods and tools


We don’t know what we don’t know until we do.

In our Learning Bootcamps, we benefit from a wide range of innovation and collaboration methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Design Sprints and Liberating Structures. We will equip your teams with the tools that you need to build thriving businesses.

  • Learning fundamentals of Design Thinking, understanding main approach and mindsets

  • Get equipped with the essential tools, techniques and processes of Service Design

  • Learning & applying Lean Startup approach

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See how Gülbaba Music pivoted their strategy through our team bootcamps and got investment.

View the journey of young entrepreneurs prototyping their social businesses as a part of the NAMA Foundation Bootcamp.

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